Aug 30, 2010

Can I Catch Time in a Bottle? Happy Birthday Wishes!

Unbelievably my oldest daughter is celebrating her 20th Birthday today.  I remember her day of birth so vividly, as if it were just last week.  How did 20 years pass me by so quickly?

As with any August, it was hot back in 1990!  My little one was a week overdue and I was miserable!  I gained some 35 pounds and was very anxious to lose it!  My doctor recommended doing a lot of walking, and so I did.  I had just taken a stroll around the block and when I got home my water broke.  My beautiful little girl arrived at 12:36 am.  Can I just say that I vowed that night to never again choose natural childbirth!  You KNOW what I am talking about! Enough said.

It has been such a joy raising her, watching her and loving her.  She is a beautiful young woman and we all just love hanging out with her!  It has been hard to loosen the grip and allow her the freedom to find her own independence.  Are Mommas ever supposed to really let go?  I think not!

Our family headed over to Bradley University to take her out to dinner.  We had a great time catching up, shopping, and hanging out!
As always, it was hard to say goodbye.  My hugs get longer and longer each time!  I love you D!!


Mel said...

What a beautiful tribute to your daughter. I was just bemoaning the fact that my baby is 9. Hee.

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