Jul 20, 2010

My Bible

Over at Scripture Dig today we are sharing how we take notes or mark up our bibles when we are studying.  I have always been a firm believer in marking my bible because it helps me quickly find passages that have touched my heart in some way.  I haven't always been the best at memorizing the address of scriptures, so this helps me cheat a little! 

I also enjoy taking notes during sermons at church, and I highlight specific words or phrases that have been taught so that I can remember them better. (do you see a them that I have a terrible memory!)

Many times in the margins I will write notes that have helped me learn a spiritual truth while studying a book or in our small group

I've read on some blogs that women are on their third or fourth bible!  I don't know that I could ever give up this bible!  It represents such a living testimony of my journey with the Lord. 

The only thing that may change my mind is if I were to find a wide margin bible in my chosen NIV version so I could take even more extensive notes.

How about you?  Do you mark in your bible?  Have you been through more than one bible?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Penny said...

ALL THE TIME!!! I too am a firm believer in marking in your Bible! Recently my Mom shared something with me that has made me be even more intentional about doing so...

For years she used the same Bible - marking favorites, writing prayers to the Lord in the margins and such. She then decided that after she went on to be with Jesus she wanted me to have her Bible. Only one problem... she has 2 daughters. So the next year she got a new Bible and has marked it in as faithfully as the first.

I adore my Mother and can't stand the thought of her not being with me... but when that day comes - I'm going to totally enjoy seeing her handwriting next to God's Word.

What a treasure this will be for both me & my sister!

Thanks for such a great word!

Sharon Cohen said...

Wonderful topic. thanks!

I color mine - every line so I know that I've read it, pondered, considered and marked it - with my own coding system:

Red = The Savior said
Purple = genealogy, birth, death, marriage, etc.
Brown = geography, travel
Orange = prophecy
Green = Guidance, wisdom, words of a prophet/apostle
Yellow = angelic visitation, ministration or message
Gold = Elohim speaks
Blue = Story line, historical timeline
Black = Satan's influence (yes, I can see the words through the black)

I can no longer write notes in the margins (due to my stroke).

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