Jul 28, 2010

I Was Headed in the Wrong Direction

Hi, I'm Cherie, and I'm an alcoholic.

This could have been my future.  Thankfully, by God's grace, it did not come to fruition. 

I've shared with you the story of my first marriage ending in divorce.  One of our favorite pastimes was drinking.  That was our entertainment.

I could tell you countless stories of the way God protected me and my family from certain tragedy as a result of drinking, but I won't, because my Mom reads my blog and she worries enough!

When my daughter and I moved to this town in 1995 during my divorce, my drinking finally started to slow down.  I no longer found it appealing or entertaining.  I was battling depression, and drinking certainly doesn't help that illness.

As I began to heal and start my life over I realized that I no longer needed it in my life.  I had met many new friends at the church I was attending, and they had tons of fun while being 100% sober!  I couldn't believe that so much laughter and community could happen without alcohol. I began to evaluate all that had happened during my partying days, and not much of it was good.  We had spent literally thousands of dollars on this kind of entertainment, at bars and at home.  I had spent hours of my life belly up to a bar, and even more hours heaving into a toilet all that I had just purchased with my hard earned money. I began to see just how senseless this entire activity had become. 

I am proud to say that I haven't had any kind of alcoholic drink in over fourteen years.  Not because I have any religious conviction, but because I have chosen to not take part in an activity that really has no good side.  Yes, I could stand on religious conviction, as this is what almost everyone thinks when they see me drink pop instead of alcohol in social situations, but to me it isn't necessary.

In complete honesty, I  have a hard time with Christians who drink.  Yes, I know the bible says that Jesus drank wine, and that it is OK as long as you don't get drunk.  But why?  Why take part in an activity that has such a narrow line of tolerable and intolerable?  Why give your children this example?  What happens when they partake in consuming alcohol and accidentally drink too much, all the while thinking they were still under the legal limit and they are involved in an accident?

I was once out to eat with the women of my small group.  (This subject has divided our group for a long time, as we all have our own views of acceptability.)  There were seven of us sitting around a table at a restaurant.  Many had ordered drinks before dinner and were having their seconds during dinner.  The waitress wasn't the quickest at picking up the empties, so bottles and glasses littered the table.  I was not comfortable.  I live in a town that is large, but is very much about community, so I see people I know quite often when out.  I would have been horrified if someone I had been witnessing to had walked past my table and saw all the bottles and glasses of drinks.  In II Corinthians 6:3, the Bible says, "We put no stumbling block in anyone's path, so that our ministry will not be discredited." 

I do not want my ministry to be discredited. I want my life to be a living example of the glorious riches I have in Christ Jesus.  In my life, alcohol has no place.


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Penny said...

Hey Cherie,
I'm here today from iFellowship! I love your blog and enjoy visiting often!

Have a great Wednesday!

Meghan said...

Cherie, friend, stopping over from iFellowship and praising God for YOU today.

Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing your testimony! Good for you, overcoming an addiction whatever it may be is so hard to due but in Christ we can overcome so much. Visiting today from iFellowship, congrats on being the featured blog this week!

cfoxes33 said...

Thank you for that! I have two teenagers and tho my husband and I rarely drink, I chose not to drink socially and I have maybe three drinks in 15 years. It's not something I desire, at all.

~Amy~ said...

Amen to your choice to get alcohol out of your life! I have a friend who is suffering through this awful addiction! She turns to it as a comfort while her husband serves over seas. I pray for her to be able to find that comfort somewhere else. I pray for her safety and her daughters safety.
Your story sounded so much like hers. I know that God can rescue her out of this addiction and I will continue to pray that he does!
Happpy ifellowship day!
God Bless!

Homemaker Honey said...

Hello! I'm participating in iFellowship. Enjoy this day the Lord has made and may you be glad in it!


Christina Chitwood said...

Great post! Good for you. I don't drink, haven't tried and don't ever want to. I agree that there is so much you can do 100% sober that is great fun. Happy iFellowship Wednesday!

Joy said...

Stopping by from iFellowship and I am so glad I did. What a testimony you have and you can share with others. I am praising God for you. Have a blessed day!

Sheri said...

Wow. Thank you for sharing this story! It's so easy to fall into ANY addiction, glad you found a way out!

Guess Who? said...

She probably already does!!

hip-chick said...

God bless you.

Lisa said...

Hi Cherie! I'm stopping by from iFellowhip and so glad to find you! It is wonderful to see what the Lord has done in your life. Your story is really close to my heart. We have family members struggling with addictions.

I would love for you to come by a watch a video documentary that my son did for CIvil Air Patrol on this very topic. One of the people interviewed was my SIL who has lost everything, including all 5 of her children (she only had 4 when the video was made) to alcoholism. I just posted it recently here: http://raisingfutureleaders.blogspot.com/2010/07/12-yr-old-honored-for-substance-abuse.html

I'm following you and looking forward to reading more on your blog.
Lisa xoxo

Elisabeth LaMouria said...

Awesome! Thank you for your post and your story. I too struggled with this, but not for long - but even 2 years is more than enough to learn a lesson. I struggled with it after stopping, but it's not a temptation any more. I think that if a person cannot go without something that's not a physical need - then it's an addiction they need to consider breaking. To take it one more level, coffee is the Christian's drug of choice. I LOVE coffee, but have had to stop drinking it every now and then to show myself that it's not becoming an idol or addiction. TV too, big one in our home. We don't have cable for that reason. I think everyone has their weak points. Thanks again and God bless you on your life journey!
The Lean Green Mommy Machine

PS - Have you ever thought about talking to teens or anyone for that matter? I got interested in alcohol in 8th grade, started drinking in HS, and was an alcoholic for almost 2 years after HS - that age is so susceptible! Sorry for the long post - take care!

Lisa♥H said...

Love your blog, and this post! I'm visiting from iFellowship!

Helena said...

Hey, stopping in from the iFellowship linky! Thanks so much for your candid and wonderful post! If you don't mind, I will take you up on your offer to let us use your photos. They are so beautiful. I will definitely put up a credit for you when I use them! Thanks so much!

Theresa said...

Hi. Visiting from iFellowship today. Isn't it amazing how much joy and laughter there is among fellow Christians? Thanks for your honesty and sharing in this post.

SomeGirl said...

It's great to get to know more about you! May God be glorified in your writing and your convictions! ♥ Michelle

Happy iFellowship Day!

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