Jul 6, 2010

Praying for the Future

I can hear wedding bells in the distance.  The gown has been carefully selected, the reception is ready to entertain guests, the honeymoon is longingly awaited.  I am the mother of the bride.  I praise God for the man He has selected to be my daughter's husband.

This is a day in my future.  Having three girls, this scenario is often on my mind.  I wonder, I worry, I pray.  It is especially heavy sometimes because I have been through divorce, and that is something I never want my girls to experience.  So I pray.  Is it too early to pray for the future husbands of my children?  They are 19, 10, and 8.  I don't think so!  Truthfully, I wish I had been praying much longer for the husband of my 19 year old.  What do you pray for someone you've never seen or met?  Someone you know is out there somewhere, even possibly in another part of the world?  I pray that

  • he will be a strong man of God
  • he is guided by the holy scriptures
  • he has a servant's heart
  • he will be a good father
  • he will be a spiritual leader in his home
  • he wil be a provider for his family
  • he respects and honors my daughter
  • his mother is training him right now in Godliness and character
  • he is a man of integrity
  • he is shielded from pornography
  • he lives a life of purity
And then I trust in my Lord, that He has a plan for my children, and that the faithful heritage that has been passed down to them for several generations will continue through them and their children.

Are you praying for your children's spouse?  What else can I add to my list?


S Club Mama said...

I don't pray for my boys' spouses as often as I should. One thing about praying for spouses is that I hope I don't have a "specific" girl in mind and be disappointed in one they choose. I think it's important to remember that, for instance, maybe they weren't raised in a Christian home...but they found God later. We need to still keep an open mind about the specifics of the spouse's life because it's all in God's plan.

Teri Lynne Underwood said...

I do pray for C's future husband and for his family - especially his mother. I've seen firsthand how the relationship between mother & son can be a HUGE blessing to a young daughter-in-law.

Barbie said...

I don't pray for my childrens' future spouses near as much as I should be. I think your list is great. I often pray my daughters' spouses would have a heart like David, one who worships his God in spirit and in truth.

Marci said...

I told my nine year old that I have been praying for her future husband for years and she was like "What?!?!" It was kind of funny at first, but it turned into a teachable moment. She realized how important a Godly husband will be for her. Hopefully, she will be praying for an eventually seek that kind of man.

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