Jun 8, 2010

Unpacking the Lord's Prayer

I have to be honest, the Lord's Prayer has always baffled me.  It just seemed too short, too simple.  Surely there must be more to how Jesus wants us to pray!  Like many things in Christianity, sometimes we just make it too hard!  I've learned some GREAT things about the Lord's Prayer over the last couple weeks and I would love to share them with you.

Our Father who art in heaven

We first address God as Our Father to show the relationship between God and ourselves.  The actual word "Father" was used fewer than 14 times in the entire Old Testament.  It was a sacred word reserved for God alone.  Even when the Old Testament writers would record the word, they would then throw away the pen!  In contrast, once the curtain was torn away in the New Testament(Matthew 27:51), we had new, immediate access to God.  Jesus uses the word "Father" 70 times in the four Gospels.  In the Lord's Prayer we are opening the prayer with acknowledgment of who He is.

Secondly, we are acknowledging the place that Our Father resides; in Heaven.  The location reminds us of His majesty, might and stature.

Together these are set in place to:
  • teach us of our new relationship with God through the Holy  Spirit 
  • show us our new reward as the heirs of the Kingdom
  • introduce us to our new resource in the Holy Spirit
  • to acknowledge our responsibility as part of the family of God.
Hallowed by Thy Name

The word "hallowed" means to revere or consecrate.  His name is to be sanctified or set apart to be praised and adored.  If we hallow His name, we are:
  • rehearsing who He is
  • respecting his greatness
  • relinquishing control of our lives to His sovereignty and our obedience
  • recognizing His presence in our lives
  • changing our lives through worship
I love to worship.  It is an experience like no other when I am communicating with  God through songs of praise and thanksgiving, acknowledging his power, mercy and forgiveness.  Worship has so many rewards:
  • enhances our appreciation for our love for God
  • expands our vision beyond ourselves
  • eclipses our fears
  • energizes our work
  • encourages our spirit
  • exhausts the enemy
As I wrap up this first portion of Unpacking the Lord's Prayer, grab your bible and read I Chronicles 16:7-36.  For your homework, write down how many descriptive words of God you can list.  My list was 21.  I'll share them with you tomorrow!!

My notes were compiled from the study guide Prayer the Great Adventure by David Jeremiah.  I was almost done with the book before I realized it was the study guide!  It is jam packed with great information.

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Joy Tamsin David said...

Everytime I think I've found the most beautiful blog, I click another link and see another one. Wow, this site is gorgeous! :)

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Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Our pastor went through a study on the Lord's prayer. It was a blessing to study about.

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Have a great day!

SomeGirl said...

Great unpacking! Thanks for sharing this with us! ♥ Michelle

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Angela Compton said...

What a wonderful post (Lord's prayer) and a beautiful blog. I am linked up with iFellowship and now following you...


Susan said...

Oh, I love to see you doing this. Our perfect example for visits with God... richly unfolding. Thanks, Cherie!

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Just stopping by for the iFellowship. Very lovely blog, looking forward to reading more.

Amy said...

Hi Cherie! I too find the Lord's Prayer simple, but everytime I go back to it, I gain something more. Thanks for the great post.

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