Jun 10, 2010

Unpacking the Lord's Prayer-Part 3

How did you do with yesterday's homework?  We were reading I Chronicals 29:10-19 and listing all the things that belong to God.  Here is my list:

greatness  power  glory  majesty  splendor  wealth  honor  strength

And now we have come to one of the hardest and challenging parts of the Lord's Prayer.  Forgiveness.

Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us

This requirement as outlined by Jesus is a foundational truth of Christianity. If we accept God's forgiveness, we need to be able to extend forgiveness ourselves. It is not a condition of our salvation, but a requirement of obedience.
  1. Because we are forgiven - Matthew 18:21-35
  2. Just as we are forgiven - Ephesians 4:32
  3. That we might be forgiven  - Psalm 66:18
Forgiveness isn't easy.  It can take years to reach this stage.  One will go through stages of hurt, hating, and finally healing.  I'm sure you have heard it said that the person who harbors unforgiveness in his heart is only hurting himself.

Lead us not into temptation

Let's be clear that God does not lead us into temptation, but he can certainly deliver us from it.  Trials test our faith and can make us stronger in the end.

There are four reason that you may be under temptation:
  1. To reveal what is in our heart.  Remember the story of Abraham and Isaac.  God needed to be sure of Abraham's allegiance to him.
  2. To replay significant life issues.  Think of this as an area where you can make yourself strong by continuing to deny these temptations. 
  3. To reinforce our will.  Strong faith requires excercise. 
  4. To remind others of His grace and goodness. How we handle temptations and trials is surely watched by those around us, including family and friends who may not know the Lord.  Your response and actions against temptation is a strong witness for Christ.
Jeremiah talks about four steps out of temptation:
  1. Fight:  Don't allow Satan to win.  James 4:7
  2. Follow:  The Bible is full of stories that teach us how to respond.  James 4:7
  3. Flee:  Run!  Get out of the way of temptation.  Don't stay around so that it may overtake you. I Corinthians 10:14
  4. Feed:  Constant reading of God's word keeps us on top of our game. Stay rooted in the Word of God for strength and discipline.  Psalm 119:11
And if all else fails, we are repeatedly told to pray for wisdom.  This should be on our regular prayer list.

And deliver us from evil
The Old Testament is a complete story of constant deliverance by God.  He continually shows His people Israel His love for them time and time again.  This was a powerful chapter in Jeremiah's book.  He advises we pray for deliverance from:
  1. persecution - Psalm 7:1-2
  2. peril - Psalm 35:17
  3. adversaries - Psalm 25:19-21
  4. poverty - Psalm 38:18-19
  5. fear - Psalm 34:4, 17-19
  6. evil - Psalm 39:8 and 40:11-13
And finally we once again offer praise to our God:
For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.
We end our pray as we began, praising God for His person.
Yours is the kingdom = Sovereignty
and the power =  He is the definition of power
and the glory = Majesty
forever and ever = eternity
The Lord's Prayer
1) Beginning praise
2)  Priorities
3)  Provision
4)  Protection
5)  Ending praise
I hope you have enjoyed this fresh new look at the hidden treasure within the Lord's Prayer.  I have thoroughly enjoyed learning deeper layers of the only recorded instance of Jesus teaching a prayer.  


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My notes were compiled from the study guide Prayer the Great Adventure by David Jeremiah.  I was almost done with the book before I realized it was the study guide!  It is jam packed with great information.


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