Jun 8, 2010

Tools to Defend Your Faith

Author Josh McDowell has an incredible testimony of how he found his faith in Jesus Christ.  He had been issued a challenge in college to examine intellectually the claim that Jesus Christ is God's Son.  He traveled for months throughout the United States and Europe in the hopes of gathering evidence against Christianity's claims.  The exact opposite happened.  He had gathered so much evidence that supported the claims of Jesus Christ, that he accepted him as his personal Savior.  Out of his research came the world renowned book, Evidence That Demands a Verdict.  It is not the type of book that you sit down and read like a story.  The entire book is arranged as his outlines for college lectures.  Some parts are difficult to get through as a layperson, but others are full of very cool information about the evidence he has gathered over many years to support the Christian faith and the validity of the Bible.  If you are a person who trying to witness to someone, this has fantastic information, as you will most certainly get the argument about the Bible being historical fiction!

Why do I bring your attention to this book?  It is really a set up to introduce you to another book by Josh McDowell that we have recently ordered called Children Demand a Verdict.  Our 10 year old, K is a very intellectual child.  She has lots of questions and is not about following blindly.  After having had a recent conversation with her about God, which got very deep for her age, she replied, "It is going to be a

long time before I am sure I believe in this stuff!"  And this opened the door for the need for "evidence" that we can study together.  This book is written directly to the audience of children, so is much easier to comprehend.

As parents, we felt the need to provide this solid foundation of indisputable evidence of history and fact so that as we are raising them to be Godly Women, they will have no doubts as to the validity of God's Word as their authority. 

I have seen so many teenagers fall away from their faith because they never claimed it as their own.  While they lived at home, they lived under the umbrella of their parent's faith, and at the time, that was enough for them.  As they go off to college or get married, their faith seems to be left behind in their parents home.  We are hoping to instill their personal faith at very early ages so that it becomes part of who they are.  The hardest part of their lives will be when they leave home and have to defend their faith to non-believers.  Laying this foundation is crucial in their success in standing firm in their faith.  For my 8 and 10 year olds, I only have 8 more years to help them establish an unshakable faith.  I'd better get started!!

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