Jun 29, 2010

Family Day

The above photo describes our Family Day on Tuesday.

I was very excited that our whole family would be together for the day on Tuesday.  Why?  Being the mother of a near 20 year old, it is very hard to get on her calendar!!  She has friends, a job, a college summer course, a new rental house with friends in a different city.....you get the picture.  

So our day started on a beautiful summer morning, finally devoid of high humidity and rain, on our back patio.  It was even a little cool, as I had a blanket wrapped around my arms!  The blue canopy is not usually on the patio, but was drying out from our wet weekend at Relay for Life, but it provided some nice shade.
For the afternoon, we headed to the local pool, all 5 of us!!  This year marked the new opening of some very cool waterslides at the pool, so we all enjoyed several rides down the slides.  A few of us left a bit sunburned, after having forgotten the sunscreen! (and the camera card)

Then it was home for a cookout!  D and K both love cooking, so I didn't have to do a thing!  They worked together to bring us a scrumptous dinner.

Grilled potatoes & onions

Pineapple slices
It was all SO GOOD!!

After dinner we played some family games: Apples to Apples, Farkle and a Dice Game.
And of course, followed that up with some smores over a campfire!  Sorry my hands were full of sticky stuff so I didn't get any photos, but you know they were awesome, with peanut butter of course!!

It was an amazing day with my amazing family, and I laughed.....a lot.  There is always a missing part of my heart when D isn't around.  I miss her a ton now that she is more independent.  So today was especially sweet!

Thanks family, I love you all dearly!!


Kimberly said...

Were those the green cards you finished with at the end? You know what they say... at the end of the game, the green cards you won should describe you. :) Looks like a great description!

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