May 12, 2010

Train Up a Child

Do you consistently train your children?  I must confess that I often train "in-the-moment".  That means, I don't take time regularly to sit down with my girls in a teaching setting.  I teach as things happen.  While this is good, it isn't always quite as effective.  Sometimes emotions are running high, there are other people around, or there isn't sufficient time to discuss the situation.

This is an area where I greatly admire homeschoolers.  Not only are they teaching the school subjects, but they are able to concentrate on the eternal subjects as well.  I've said before that I have never been called to homeschool, so I need to find another avenue to intentionally train my children.

I am on the hunt for some summertime curriculum that I can do with my two youngest girls.  They are 10 and 8.  I recently ordered a book from Amazon called A Girl of Beauty by Carol Fiddler.  It is about building character in young girls.  This looked like a good place to start and I am anxious to receive it.

Then a bloggy friend had a post that mentioned Bright Lights.  This is a fantastic ministry started by a 17 year old girl to disciple young girls to grow into Godly women.  They have an exciting curriculum for Moms and daughters to go through together.  I will be ordering this very soon as well.  They even have conferences!

Do you have any resources you would like to share?  I'd love more ideas on training my girls to be Godly.


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