May 21, 2010

Trading Good for Great

Have you ever heard a message a thousand times and not think it applies to you, and then one day you realize they were talking directly TO YOU!  Guilty!

I have heard over and over the message that sometimes you have to give up GOOD in exchange for GREAT.  For some reason this has never sunk in with me, or I thought it applied to other people, not me!  But the Holy  Spirit has been very talkative to me this week and I need to make some changes.

My sweet friend Teri Lynne over at Pleasing To You ran several posts this week about Anti-Balance(you'll have to go read it to find out what that is!).  One of her exercises was to write down EVERYTHING you do and then prioritize that list.  I didn't get my list down on  paper yet, but it has been simmering in my head all week.  I have decided that some good things need to go in exchange for concentrating on great things.

This blog has featured some of those "good" things of which I am choosing to let go.  I love crafty things.  If I see something on the internet that is total cuteness, I know I can figure it out and make it.  And I usually do.  But do I need to?  Take a look at what my office looks like right now:

Stop the madness!

Yes, you are seeing that right, there is hardly floor space to walk through the room.  (And those Pringles cans aren't mine, my 8 year old is addicted!)  I love crafting and creating, as you've seen in my Etsy shop.  But the amount of time spent on random projects is stealing time away from other things that I love even more.  

It will be hard to let go of some things:
  • I've loved beading for years, but I love stamping more
  • I've had fun making fabric flower barrettes for my girls, but I love scrapbooking more
  • I've had fun experimenting with polymer clay, but I love gardening more
  • I've had fun making washer necklaces, but I love blogging more
Trying to do it all just because I can has caused a lot of stress in my life recently.  When we spread ourselves too thin, many things suffer.  I am ready to concentrate on the top of my priority list:
  • Spending more time reading/studying my Bible and related materials
  • Surrendering everything to God in prayer
  • Pouring intentional Godly training into my 3 girls
  • Keeping my home running smoothly-groceries, cleaning, laundry, etc.
  • Husband knows he is always at the top of my list, but I'll concentrate on keeping him there!
  • Expanding my freelance Graphic Design business over at Heart & Soul Design Studio
  • Continue blogging here
I am really excited about this conscious change to reorganize my priority list  I can already feel some of the stress melting away.  Anyone want to come clean my office?  No?  I guess that is next on the list!


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

That is awesome! Reprioritizing and giving our passions and interests over to God's will is so empowering! Praying for continued success on this journey for you!

Mom said...

Go Cherie!! When you get your office organized, you can come help with mine. It's looking better.

Marci said...

I would LOVE to come help you clean out your office!! Seriously! I am already helping a friend in your neck of the woods get some busyness out of her house and life! Just let me know.

walkingwithangels said...

I thing the whole idea of working out whats good and whats great in life is great. Something i need to take a good look at.

Good luck with sorting your office out.

Sara xxx

Michelle said...

I love this! You are so right. I have had the same epiphany thanks to TeriLynne's posts. Getting the priorities in line is my goal by the end of the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

Jolanthe said...

I completely understand!! :) I stepped back from quite a few things recently and it's amazing the stress that releases!

Email me back and I'll ask you a quick question too!

Teri Lynne Underwood said...

LOVE it!! Amazing how God works in our hearts through such practical ways ... another beautiful example of the collision of sacred and spiritual. Thanks for linking up!!

[email protected]'s Team said...

Ooh, I wish I was crafty like that - the priorities I have choose between aren't nearly as interesting or talent-filled. Thanks for sharing this!

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