May 31, 2010

Stand Firm

I love the Old Testament story found in the book of Daniel of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, the three good friends of Daniel.  These young Israelite lads were serving in Babylonia after Jerusalem had been overtaken by King Nebuchadnezzar.  They were chosen from the royal family (see history in 2 Kings 20)because they were handsome, smart, quick to understand and qualified to serve in the king's palace. Years of training passed and soon Daniel, along with his three friends, were promoted to high service in the King's royal court.

Events begin to go sour when the King erects a huge idol of gold and proclaims that at the sound of music, everyone must bow down and worship this idol.  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego refuse to bow down and worship the idol and the King is furious.  He warns if they do not obey his decree, they will be thrown into a blazing furnace.

The three lads feel no need to defend themselves against the King and they STAND FIRM in their conviction.  They proclaim that even if their God chooses NOT to rescue them from the fire, they will remain faithful to their God.

This makes the King even more angry and he commands his army to turn up the heat of the fire.  It became so hot that the servants who escort the boys into the fire are killed by the heat! 

I'm sure you remember the rest of the story.  God rescues these faithful servants from the fire and King Nebechdnezzar issues a new decree celebrating their God and then promotes them again within his kingdom. (Daniel 1-3)

Why do I recount this story for you?  It was a famous Sunday School story highlighting the power and rescue of God.  But I would like to draw attention to the faith in STANDING FIRM upon your convictions.

Remember the beginning of our story?  The boys were smart, well informed, and quick learners. Was this by accident?  I'd like to suggest that these boys grew up learning and memorizing the Old Testament from their families.  Remember in the Old Testament the books of the law were memorized and passed down from generation to generation.  They were prepared to STAND FIRM.

In the New Testament we are told to STAND FIRM against the devil's schemes by using the tools given us as stated in Ephesians 6:11-17.

And my challenge today is this: 

Are we preparing our children to STAND FIRM?  

When presented with situations of right and wrong, can they STAND FIRM upon their convictions of faith to choose the right path? 

I'm on a mission this summer to "Train my children in the way they should go".  I'm starting with some Godly training (see yesterday's post).  Will you join me?  I'll be reviewing several other resources this month to help train our children to STAND FIRM.  I hope you will find something that you like that will help you prepare your children for battle.


Beth said...

I just used this story for a moment of growth with my oldest son. The point was that even though they had to go through the fire, they were unharmed. We must go through the fires to be refined, but are never alone, and if we remember why we are there, and Who is refining us, we won't be burned either. One of my favorite stories to learn from!

Layton Family Joy said...

I just love how you broke this down and focused on 1 word. BEAUTIFULLY DONE!!

God is amazing to fill us with the ability to stand firm! =)


Marci said...

"help you prepare your children for battle."

That's exactly what it is! When we realize that, our methods and intensity should increase!

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