May 18, 2010

Remembering my Father-in-Law & Friend

Fast forward to the year 1996.  I was marrying into a fantastic new family.  I had fallen deeply in love with their son, and couldn't wait to be married.  He had captured my heart without even knowing it!  They opened their hearts to me and my daughter, who was just 5 at the time.

Husband and I had two more daughters.  At two years old, K was absolutely enamored by her grandfather.  She followed him everywhere he went.  Watched his every move, not allowing him out of her site.  A was still very little, but always gave Grandpa her best smiles!

I had quickly grown to love this man.  He was funny, very smart, generous, patient, kind, a retired teacher, a continuous learner, a golfer, a model airplane enthusiast, and I loved him as my own father.

Then in early 2002, before we could even grasp what was happening, he was diagnosed with Cancer.  He slipped away from us in August.  It was heart retching, again.  I had lost another father to this insidious disease.

So we will walk, my Husband and I, on June 25 & 26.....a walk of remembrance, a walk of hope, a walk of grief, a walk of celebration.  Our team will continuously walk a high school track for 24 hours straight to raise money for the American Cancer Society in the hopes of stopping this disease from taking any more loved ones.

Will you help is fight back?



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