May 13, 2010

Miley Cyrus Has Left Childhood

I finally had a few moments without little ears around to go out to YouTube to see what all the buzz was surrounding the new video by Miley Cyrus.  Can I just say "Oh My!".  It is difficult to believe that she is only 17 years old in this video.  Scantily clad, big hair, and loads of makeup lead the audience to believe this young woman is far beyond her young teen years.

I am happy to say that my girls were never over the top fans of Miley's.  They watched her show from time to time, but I didn't allow them to buy into the retail side.  I can empathize with so many mothers right now who are heartbroken by this turn of events.  It is disappointing all around, not just in Miley, but in her parents as well.

The website SecretKeeperGirl has offered some tips of how you can talk with your girls about this video here.  The post is broken into 2 parts, so be sure to read both of them.

Now go hug those sweet little girls of yours and hold on tight.


S Club Mama said...

Seriously, not from a mom perspective but from a woman perspective, she is trying WAY too hard in that video. It's annoying. And the bird factor is stupid. But it is risque and sad. She claims to be a Christian and she is like this. And (almost) worse is that she is a role model for young girls but doesn't embrace that. She could do so much good in that role (and her squeaky clean music is way better - hello Party in the USA!)

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