May 15, 2010

A Great Saturday

It has been a very relaxing and fun day at our house today.  Strange photo you say?  Yep.  That is how much my husky is shedding EVERY DAY right now as she sheds her winter coat.  Isn't that lovely?  I am so glad she is an outdoor dog.  Can you image that in my house?  And that is only from about 5 minutes of brushing, because that is all she will tolerate.

More great things about my day:
  • got to sleep in until 9 am ! of my favorite things to do!!
  • had a snugglefest with my girls this morning, all in our jammies
  • spent some silly time laughing with my husband
  • cleaned out the refrigerator....can we just all say eww together?  Too long since last time!
  • watched my girls have fun with sidewalk chalk-quite the little artist isn't she?
  • worked on a new project for my blog (it is a secret)
  • played hide and seek with our family (can't believe my husband found was a really good spot!)
So that is a look at our day today.  I hope you've had a great day with your family as well.


Marci said...

That sounds like a great day! We've had a great weekend here too. Lots of good family time!

walkingwithangels said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Its great reading about grownups playing hide and seek. I may be tempted to let my hubby stay hidden for some peace and quiet lol xx

Sara xx

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