Apr 22, 2010

Eager Anticipation

One of my absolute favorite days of the year is the first day that I get to walk through the nursery in the spring!  Blooms of color are exploding everywhere I look.  Joy springs from the bottom of my soul as I drink in the beauty all around me.
This little gem is a new variety of Dahlia and it just had to come live at my house!

I so look forward to the lilac bushes blooming every year.  I am often caught stalking these bushes, looking for one that is on no one's property so that I can steal some branches to bring into my kitchen.
Yesterday I stopped at a bush that was absolutely huge and heavy with these scent filled blossoms.  I just had to take some photos.  The owner of the property wandered out and we talked about the wonderful fragrance that was wafting through the air.  She told me I MUST pick a handful to take home with me!!  SCORE!!  I was so appreciative and didn't waste any time with that offer!

Can I just say that anyone who believes in the big bang theory of creation has never stopped to closely admire the artistry of flowers.  THAT is the creativity of my CREATOR!  God alone deserves the glory.


Barbie said...

Isn't HIS creation BEAUTIFUL! Lovely photos!

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