March 29, 2010

My Most Treasured Possession

My Dad died in 1987 at the age of just 47 of lung cancer.  It was a daughter's worst nightmare.  I lost my father, my friend,  and my hero.  Like most little girls, I adored my dad.  He wasn't perfect, but he was mine, and I loved him so.  Over the years his hero status has grown in my heart to that of SUPER hero.  Our minds want to only remember the absolute best of those who have left us, and that is very true of me.

Very soon after my dad passed away, I asked my mom if I could have his bible.  Quite honestly, I really expected the answer to be no, or that I would have to fight my brother for it.  My mom and dad were very close and had grown up in the Christian faith together.  They really had shared this bible quite a bit, as both their handwriting appears in the margins where they took notes.  But to my amazement, mom gave it to me soon after.  I couldn't believe it.  I still can't believe it.  I keep in on my nightstand bookshelf.  I am very protective of it.  As the years have passed, it continues to show signs of wear and fragility in it's tender pages and cover.  But every now and then I take it off the bookstand and ever so gently thumb through it's pages.
I love finding Dad's notes, arrows and scribbles amongst the pages.  I study to see what lessons I could continue to learn from his hand.  It takes me back to the strength of his faith, even as he faced death, witnessing to his unbelieving friends.  I remember the days of my childhood when mom and dad would attend bible study together, with this bible tucked under his arm at all times.
I've been careful to save any notes that were hidden among the pages.  His handwriting reminding me of his heart lessons, of his pursuit of Jesus.

On my parent's 25th Anniversary, they presented me with a bible just like Dad's.  I was very honored, even at that young age, as I knew the meaning of having a bible of one's own to cherish.  I'd witnessed it first hand, and was very excited to be just like Dad!  I became a margin note-taker and scripture underliner as well.
I remember Dad saying that a well worn bible is a sign of a Christian who isn't!    My bible is beginning to show those signs of wear after 25 years of study.  But honestly, I wish it looked more worn.  Because that would mean my study had been more diligent.  I have more work to do to live up to Dad's example.

My Dad's bible is one of my most precious possessions, but it is not my MOST treasured.  Have you guessed what it is?  My Most Treasured Possession?  It is the gift of salvation that my parents presented to me as a child.  It is my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ.

Thank you Daddy, for your love and for your Christian example.  I miss you terribly!


  1. That was just beautiful Cherie! What an awesome thing to have, he's still teaching you with his bible. :)

  2. What a beautiful gift to give someone. I love that his handwritten notes are scribbled throughout the Bible. My stepmom passed away in June and I have kept her books, including her Bibles, with her handwriting in them and they are so special to me!

  3. aplaceforthoughtsMar 29, 2010 10:45 AM

    I can't see the pictures for some reason but I just wanted to say what a wonderful post. I lost my mother at a young age so I understand how difficult it is to be without a parent so young. Our parents are always our heros. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad here.

  4. Absolutely beautiful...


  5. Debra from BungalowMar 30, 2010 07:13 PM

    What a beautiful post and a precious keepsake.

  6. Erin @ Closing TimeMar 30, 2010 08:05 PM

    What an amazing legacy! This post is beautiful!


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