Mar 11, 2010


One of the things that we love about God is that he is all about relationships.  We see great examples of Christian friendship throughout the bible: Ruth and Naomi, Elizabeth and Mary, David and Jonathan, even Jesus and John.  God desires for us to have friendships, to laugh together, cry together and have fun together.  As women, we need our girlfriends!  Here's why:
  1. Girlfriends let us whine. Isn't that so true? I don't think most men understand the great healing effect that whining has on us women, but it sure helps ease the burdens sometimes.
  2. Girlfriends take pressure off our husbands. When you think about it, we usually do consider our husbands to be one of our very best friends, but he wasn't meant to carry the load for both of you! Besides, he may want to fix whatever we are whining about (see #1), when we really may just want to vent.
  3. Girlfriends make us laugh. I don't think I have laughed as hard with anyone but some of my girlfriends. They just "get" us, don't they? And only women can relate to each other through the childbirth stories, the toddler stories, the dating stories, etc.
  4. Girlfriends ask hard questions. And we need them to! Having someone keep us accountable can help in so many areas. It helps keep us on track with God and with our family and husbands.
So if you are lucky enough to have some really good girlfriends, go out and celebrate with them and be sure to make the time it requires to nurture those friendships.

And to all my girlfriends out there.......thanks for encouraging me, loving me, and listening to me whine! Love to you all!!


Chele said...

Oh Cherie! I love this. All of it is so true. I've found some great girlfriends online too! And they all (including you) have been amazing! Actually better than my real life friends... did I say that?! LOL. The great thing about online friends is that they see the beauty from within first (oops, oh well... I'm writing a post about this very thing right now and I just let the cat out of the bag! Something to look forward to I guess!) Have a blessed weekend my friend!

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