Mar 5, 2010

Blogging is Hard

For the last two weeks I have been spending countless hours on my computer trying to get more readers to my blog.  I've tweeted, I've commented, I've facebooked, and I've emailed.  I am exhausted.  I had no idea that blogging was so much work!

I am trying to learn as I go as well.  There is so much information out there about what works and what doesn't work, how to connect with your readers, how to keep your readers, how to write better, what plug-ins do I much stuff!  My head is swimming in information.

And if I am completely honest, I am a little discouraged.  Through all the hours spent building connections and relationships, I am not sure I have gotten anywhere.  I may be feeling sorry for myself, but I don't feel others are reciprocating.  Sometimes I feel invisible.  I tweet, no one tweets back.  I email, they don't email back.  I ask questions, no one responds.  It may be gut-wrenchingly honest, but it kinda hurts my feelings.

I guess this is my Friday Fail.  I'm feeling vulnerable and insecure.  I'm praying about where God wants to take this blog...I'll be praying all weekend.

And in the midst of working so hard on blogging, my house looks like this:

When you started your blog was it this hard?  Did you get discouraged? 


Myra said...

Girl, I totally know where you are coming from. I've only been blogging for a year and the emotions and thoughts that you've expressed remind me so much of my experience.

I still have those moments of discouragement. I think if every blogger is honest - we all feel that way at one time or another.

I had to come to the place where it didn't matter if I ever made $$ on my blog or if anyone ever read it. I blog first for me and then for my readers. I still don't care if I ever make $$. That's not my goal.

Be you. Be yourself! You are making progress. You are making heart connections. These things take time. A LOT of time.

It takes a lot of patience too...something that I don't have in excess! Ha!

Keep your chin up! You are doing fabulously!


thedomesticfringe said...

Blog for you and be you. I think that's the easiest way to get and keep your readers! Hope your weekend brings you lots of smiles. :-)


Alicia said...

I totally know where you are coming from! I feel that I comment on others blogs, retweet others posts and don't get much in return from some. I have recently just decided that I will focus more time on the people that DO comment and DO retweet my stuff and DO have conversations with me. I have noticed an increase in readership of my blog but not in subscribers or anything like that but for me it's ok. I enjoy blogging and meeting new people online and if all I ever do is make some great online friendships out of my blog that is ok with me. I also want to point out that my house looks like yours a lot of the time because I am focusing on my family, my full-time job, and blogging. I am fine with a "messy" house and as long as it doesn't bother you or the ones you live w/ then who cares if your house isn't spotless :) I have enjoyed getting to know you via twitter and hopefully as others get to know you more things will get better... until then just keep being yourself :)

Mommie Daze said...

Oh it is hard. I wish all the time I had more time to put in to it. And every few months or so I feel like throwing in the towel and quitting. But I keep going because I love it.

Cheryl said...

It is hard at first. I found it got easier once I really found my voice. But Myra is right, you've gotta blog for the love of blogging. Once you really find you niche and kindred spirits, it will pick up. I think the first 70 followers are the hardest. Once you get there, it picks up faster :) Good luck and keep going.

Oh and yes-my house looked like that even before I blogged :D

Just Writing said...

I have felt the same way. Blogging is hard work. Between my full time job outside the home, single parenting a special needs child and everything that goes on with life in general, I've wondered if I still want to do this. Then I am reminded of why I started blogging to begin with.It's to write because I love writing. It has also helped me to read one of my earlier posts where I said "even if nobody else reads this".

Be encouraged, you are never alone in this journey, :). Oh, and my home looks similar, only smaller. Blogging had nothing to do with it, lol.

Steph B. said...

I am right with you. But After praying I feel that I am to blog and whoever God's wants to read it will. That's all I can do!!!!!

Amy O'Connor said...

Hey, found you on Twitter via @wishfulme's retweet. Blogging is hard. I feel the same way you do sometimes. Okay, a lot of times. In the meantime, I feel that I am neglecting my home, children and husband so I can sit on the computer and type stuff that no one cares to read. Know that you are not alone!

Chele said...

Oh girl, don't give up! My year of blogging is coming up and it is still goes from going great to feeling discouraged. It's life too. Hugs to you and don't forget about the scripture... "Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths; guide me in your truths and teach me for you are God my savior, and my hope is in you all day long." Psalms 25:4-5 Keep your head up! :)

Trench Mommy said...

Oh totally! I have to remember that not every blog can be a big blog. Now, I know that may not be encouraging, but enjoy your blog for what it is...and I'm preaching to myself on this one, too!

The Sarge's Wife said...

I feel the same way. I just started blogging "for realz" last month and wish I had just a few folks stopping by each time I post just to see what I say. I'm totally still finding my way and learning about "how" to blog. So glad to know I'm not alone in this feeling!

flourishinhim said...

I found your link, thanks to Myra's friday fail. You took the words right out of my mouth. I started a blog last month and I have two posts. Not too much. I have a lot of time that I could devote to blogging but yet I can't seem to get it started. I just want to blog for me, however to simply have one reader would be fantastic. If you can inspire one person isn't that enough? Hang in there! God bless you.

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

Here are my thoughts, take them or leave them. :)

I've just been blogging for a year, so I'm not an expert, but I know more now than I did when I started.

First of all, know why you blog. I began my blog because one of our family's missions is to encourage other believers as they seek to take every thought captive to God as they raise their families. When I remember that, I don't get discouraged by the numbers, I simply pray that God would have those reading who need what I have to say whether that is one person or a thousand people.

If you blog because you enjoy it, then put your time into doing the things that you enjoy and who cares about the numbers.

If your goal is to make money then think of blogging as a job and put the time into doing what needs to be done and have faith that the growth will come over time.

Second, live life first. This is key! If you're not living life, you won't have much interesting to say and you will be missing out on LIFE!!!

I have drastically cut down on my time spent blogging, I'm not doing all those "necessary" things like commenting on lots of other blogs or spending time on Twitter. Guess what? I'm much happier and more excited about the time that I get to spend online, I have more to write about and know that I'm doing what God has called me to do.

Lastly, there will always be another goal, a bigger number and more readers to gain. That's really NOT what it's all about.

theduttons said...

Thanks for posting this. I actually found you through a "retweet" ;) I've never visited before. However, I am so encouraged by your humility. The Lord uses a humble heart and a vulnerable one. Lean into Him and He will direct your steps. Hang in there! Oh, and yes, blogging is hard, but it's so worth it to me to just hear one person say, "that encouraged me!" Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

I can definitely identify with you! I've been blogging for 4 years now and, though my blog has changed during that time, I don't have the subscribers, followers, tweets, etc that other bloggers have. Sometimes I stress about this, because I so enjoy blogging and want to know that people like what I have to say. In a way, it affirms me...validates what I'm saying or feeling when someone goes "me too!"

But we shouldn't be seeking the praise of man...and I'll be the first to tell you as a recovering perfectionist and people-pleaser it is soooo easy for me to jump over that line. But I'm finally beginning to take to heart my husband's advice:

Blog because you want to. Don't worry about stats and followers. Do it because you love it. Share your heart, write what you're passionate about.

And you know what I usually find? The times I stress the least (or not at all) about a post are some of the times I have the most comments and interaction.

Don't worry about getting to the next level and just be who God made you to be. People want to see your heart.

SomeGirl said...

Funny, I read your post and thought, Aw... I'll leave a comment and there were 15 comments, Girl! Wow! I agree with what everyone above said... and will add: Whatever you do whether in word or in deed (both apply to blogging)do it as unto the Lord. :) I can't wait to meet you at Relevant10! (and I had to remove my sitemeter and visitor counters because it was stressing me out too much... it's hard not knowing whose coming, but it's better than knowing sometimes.) :) Lots of love from another new blogger! - Michelle

Teri Lynne Underwood said...

In May "Pleasing to You" will be one year old. That amazes me ... but I echo what others have said ... blog for you first. If numbers or money are also goals that's fine but first it has to be what you want it to be. It takes time to find that balance ... and that's okay. Plus, I'm thoroughly enjoying getting to know you!!

Cherie said...

Thank you all so much for your thoughts and encouragement. You have given me so much to think about and to ponder as I continue to try to refine this blog. You have helped more than you know!


Jane - Get It In Your Soul said...

God is a God of order. The enemy of your soul has you so distracted and focused on external relationships that you're not seeing how you are affecting those he's given you in "real life", especially yourself. Has blogging become your Idol of destruction? Are you willing to just "stop", give it up for a time (fast with it) and be with the Lord for direction on this? When you have the "peace that passes all understanding" you'll know... I don't blog yet, just for this reason. He hasn't called me to it. I start Seminary soon for my masters in Theology and I believe I will start blogging then on what I'm learning to benefit others, but I will not stress myself out on my own efforts or the "other voices" calling in the wilderness to do it this way or that way. God & I have our relationship and I refuse to do anything he hasn't authorized me to do or that would take me from Him, my husband, my kids, my home, and friends...and especially the calling of the business, Get It In Your Soul (see the new Prayer Benches that may help in this situation).
We all agree that life is stressful, but how we handle that stress is important. He called me to create Driving Reflections® as a unique, simple way to powerfully transform our thoughts with God’s word while driving. What’s driving your thoughts? Turn your car’s windshield into a faith-shield with Driving Reflections! Get yours at
I pray that you will dedicate time with Him alone and away from your computer today so that he can minister to your blogging stress.

Blessed Wife said...

I am a new blogger, and totally can relate to the way that you feel. This whole blogging world can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Sometimes, I wonder if anyone reads my blog. Being new to this, I don't have any "followers" yet. I started my blog recently for two purposes: I enjoy writing, and I am overseas. For me, writing is an outlet. Being overseas in Korea, the blog also allows family & friends back in the States to know what's going on in my life. If no one ever reads mine, that is OK. Because, it has connected me to so many other amazing this one. Good luck!

Blessed Wife said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I was so excited to see I had my first comment ever. Thanks for the tip on the Gather Inspirit blog. It's awesome! Nice to meet you, too.

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