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Feb 18, 2010


I just had a lovely conversation with my 9 year old, K.  Sometimes I have to stop everything and just talk.  (not always good at the stop everything part!) She has always been a horrible sleeper, and I mean since she was a baby, and this week has been no exception. It has really caught up with her.  Most of you are moms or parents, so you know what I mean, it has been ugly.  And I do mean U.G.L.Y.

So as she was having a meltdown in her room before bed, I just took her in my arms and started goofing off with her.  She was very receptive to that and I got enough smiles to calm her down so we could talk.

Her self-esteem has taken a hit lately with some friends at school.  She is questioning herself, and I know she feels scared. She has also been taking it out on her 8 year old sister.   I reassured her with God's word and who she is in Christ.  It amazes me that I am talking to my 9 year old about her sinful nature and her Christ-likeness.   It boggles my mind.  I didn't have a conversation about that until I was in my 20s!

After talking with some other parents lately, I have realized that not everyone is comfortable talking about these kinds of issues with their kids.  But can I encourage you? 

If we want our kids to talk to us when they are teenagers, we have to talk to them NOW!!  An open line of communication and a trust relationship must be established early with our kids.  Don't get me wrong, I've messed up in this area plenty.  But I am trying to do better.  I don't always make myself available to talk.

How about you?  What kind of communication do you have at home?  Have you tried anything you'd like to share with us?


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