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Jan 21, 2010

Longlasting Help for Haiti

The destruction and suffering in Haiti is beyond belief.  Truth be told, it is a country that has suffered in silence for centuries.  Haiti now has the world's attention, and I pray we as the human race will do right by them.

If you remember, my church had several people in Haiti when the earthquake hit.  We had 16 staff and church members who were in Pillatre(pronounced pea-yot) to celebrate 25 years of partnership with Haitian Christian Ministries.  (This is near the northern city of Cap Haitian)We have helped them build a medical clinic, a feeding center, a school, and now most recently a new church.

The first church that was built had become too small, so it is now used for the feeding center. In this photo, the church is to the left, and the feeding center is closest to the right.

The church is absolutely beautiful and brings people from miles and miles away each week for services.

There are about 750 children who attend school at Pillatre.  For only $25 per month, these children are sponsored and receive one hot meal a day, a vitamin each day, a school uniform, medical attention if needed, and their school supplies.  This is the future of Haiti!  The church is the only hope for Haiti!  Their government will not change this country, it will be us, the christian community, that will change Haiti through the grace of God.

Our pastors are passionate about Haiti.  Our Senior Pastor, Mike Baker, went to seminary with Manno, the founder of HCM.  We have been sending mission trips to Haiti for 20 years.

This is a photo of the 5 pastors from our church who were at the 25 Year Celebration recently in Pillatre.  Our Senior Pastor, Mike, is in the red tie.  A very good friend of ours, Mark,is the Executive Pastor, and  is on the right end.  Others are Jim Probst, our small groups minister, Tyler Hari, our Missions pastor, and Jason Smith, our children's pastor. 

The need is great in Haiti, almost unfathomable.  We all need to be donating to the organizations that are helping on the ground right now.  But I challenge you to think about supporting Haiti on a long term basis.  The children of Haiti are the future of their country.  We can send them in the right direction by providing them an education and the knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Let's do something together that helps families escape this abject poverty, where they live in homes made of sticks and cardboard.

The children attending school through HCM have hope.  And that HOPE is from Jesus Christ.  You can see it on their faces!

Our friend, Mark(surrounded by the children at recess), told many stories of the awesome ways God is working at this christian school.  If you'd like to help our church continue serving Haiti, you can review our action plan here.  You are welcome to join us in this eternal effort!!!


Dionna said...

Thanks for putting a spotlight on Haiti. I sponsor a child there in Les Caye and have given to help Compassion Intl during this time. You are right about the need being great.

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